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Romelu Lukaku Went to Manchester United At Last

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Because you're here ... we have a little favour to ask.  The Guardian is being read by people than but advertising revenues across the media are falling.  And unlike most news businesses, we have not put a paywall -- we would like to maintain our journalism.  So that you can see we will need to request your help.  Even the Guardian's independent journalism requires a whole lot of money, time and hard work to make.  As we believe our view things -- because it might be your view, 20, but we do it.  If everybody who reads our coverage, who enjoys it, will help to encourage it, our future will be more secure.  

It's possible to contribute to the Guardian by getting a monthly supporter or simply by building a one-off donation.    Sounds about Perfect.  Welcome everyone to tonight's pre-season friendly between Manchester United and Manchester City in something known as a exhibition competition that's currently in its fifth year, the International Champions Cup.  Exhibitions such as these are the football equivalent of the tennis hit-and-giggle exercises in cobweb-shedding and brand-building that will please.Kickoff is over 40 minutes away.  Stay tuned and we'll be back with the team sheets.The Belgian scored his first goal for United and was signed from Everton for # 75m.  As he will term Lukaku has registered 85 times in the Premier League since 2012 only to Manchester City's Sergio Agüero -- but has never played in the Champions League.José Mourinho Intends to earn a '15-year' stay at Manchester United Read moreOf Lukaku, Mourinho said: "We got a significant player, a player I can compare with what he was a couple of decades back, because he worked with me for a month or two [at Chelsea] and his development was very great.  We've got a player who is a player.  You must prove it at the maximum level, he's got to do it for United, in Champions League matches, but he has amazing qualities."The striker is set to move to Chelsea for around # 58m although Mourinho had an interest in Real Madrid's Álvaro Morata.  "I'm not interested in what Chelsea FC does, really," the Portuguese explained.  "Chelsea it was obvious they were planning to sign a striker after the [unhappy] situation with the manager and striker [Diego Costa]."Mourinho wants players that are new, a defender, with Victor Lindelof, his signing thus far this close season.  

He pointed as an indication of how difficult the sector is, to the # 45m fee paid by Manchester City to Spurs for Kyle Walker, a right-back. I kept saying there is big power at each club.  It helps clubs to say no.  To say pay what I would like or you don't get it," he explained.  "I can imagine City would love to pay #25 million for Kyle but they were told this is the price. "The choice is to pay or not.  I am utilized to the club paying amounts for players.  Everybody pays sums for players.  There's a difference between players that are large and good players."The difficulty is that we have four players that cannot play football now, not even training [the injured Marcus Rojo, Ashley Young, Luke Shaw and Ibrahimović, who is a free agent].  So it looks like our group is big but the time for their recovery is long and it's not.  Marcos does not have any chance before December so our squad is not significant."Everybody knows because I told I would like four players and I'm prepared to go from four to three because the current market is difficult, some clubs believe the sector differs from others.  We aren't a club that's about to pay what the clubs want us to pay so I'm prepared to go from four to three. judi bola

"Mourinho stated that while Rashford can play alongside Lukaku he isn't a playmaker.   "Not with that quality to play between the lines, and assist, I think he's an attacking player who can play in a two or one, he can play anywhere and you demand slightly more defensively, he can play with Lukaku after playing with Zlatan."Rashford is currently placing more pressure to improve term that is next on last season's 12 strikes.    I experienced things I hadn't experienced before.  It puts you.  You are impacted by it quite a lot you recover from this.  That's what I looked at.  "United face City at the NRG Stadium on Thursday night in the Manchester derby of Houston staged.  Yet Mourinho played down the fixture.  "It is fine for US and US fans, it is very great for the function that deserves everything out of us due to the incredible preparations, I think that it's very great for both clubs and there's always just a tiny bit of competition, a bit of an additional ingredient," he explained.  "But we feel a responsibility to the American folks who love soccer and United fans and we couldn't play City in China but here the conditions are phenomenal, the organisation is phenomenal."

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